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Portugal is a small country being only 700 km long from North to South, and 350 km wide. It is bordered by Spain to the North and East, and the Atlantic Ocean to the West and South. It has two main rivers the Tejo ( Tagus) and the Douro, both rising in Spain and flowing across the country to their mouths at Lisbon and Porto respectively.



Spain is so diverse with unique regions that offer so many cultural and gastronomic experiences. It is in many ways like having many countries with in a country each with is own distinctive features It is not a small country so need time to fully discover.


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 Portugal & Spain may be neighbors and have some similarities but they are very different destinations in many ways. They are two of the oldest countries in Europe and during the 15th and16th centuries (The Age of Discoveries) they helped discover Most of the world the we know now, the Americas, Asia, Africa. This brought them much wealth which funded the amazing historical & religious monuments the are found through out and also influenced their gastronomy.


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