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On our tours you have the opportunity to visit our historical, cultural and landscape heritage in our National Parks, enjoy the sun and the beaches, and at the end of the day you can recover your strength with an exquisite dinner. You can taste our famous wines, amazing cheeses and lovely desserts, and try typical dishes of each region of Portugal. You will rest in cosy and charming accommodations. We always choose 3 or 4 star quality hotels whenever possible in each region of Portugal. Our accommodations are always the best on offer of each region.


Being Portuguese, we know our country better than anyone else and we want to expose people to places and curiosities about Portugal that only a Portuguese knows!



Level 1 is the easiest and level 5 is the most difficult.

• Level 1: Very Easy (2-3h walking; low elevation gain; max 6 to 7km)

• Level 2: Easy (2-4h walking; low elevation gain; 6 to 10km)

• Level 3: Intermediate (3-5h walking; low/ medium elevation gain; 10 to 14km)

• Level 4: Exigent (4-6h walking; medium/ high elevation gain; max 12 to 18km)

• Level 5: Demanding (+6h walking; medium to very high elevation gain; 18-24+km)


All the tours have a maximum of 16 participants, and a minimum of two. Larger groups are also possible upon request and according to our availability we can tailor-make tours to suit, just let us know what you would like. Our tours are prepared for one week (7 days/6 nights, Sunday to Saturday).


Our tours are designed to satisfy a wide variety of interests and fitness levels. Our target is that you enjoy your walking, admiring the nature and the environment ...these are your Holidays!


Most of the Tours have two versions:

Guided (with a Guide) and Self-Guided (with a GPS device with all tracks recorded).


On a self-guided basis you will have all the information to guide you. You only need to follow the arrow on your GPS device. Self-Guided Tours do not include dinners, picnics, and water supply during the day as you are on your own, but you will have restaurant suggestions in our self-guided book that you will be given as part of your kit.

On all Tours we provide luggage transfers, emergency support and transfers.

Nature in The Alentejo Coast Tour



From the typical village of Porto Covo, along coastal and fishermen’s trails we walk the fantastic coastline of southeast Alentejo bordered by the Atlantic Ocean. We will cross beautiful desert beaches and cliffs with sand dunes of many colours from white to red, and orange to yellow!


Enjoy crossing river Mira on a typical boat over the village of Milfontes. Near cape Sardão, a beautiful promontory over the sea we can see the white stork, the only one in the world that has nests on the seashore rocks of the coast line – unique nature scenery that you can observe till the end of this tour! As the tour goes on the cliffs get higher and more spectacular. But it is still possible to cross unspoiled beaches, nestling between rocks.


This fantastic walk ends in the Algarve border in the incredible beautiful beach and small village of Odeceixe!


Here is the starting point of another amazing Walking tour – the amazing Wild Algarve Walking Tour that goes as far as Sagres, on the cliffs of Cape S. Vicente – the south-westernmost point of Continental Europe!

Tour Highlights

1. Unspoiled Nature

2. The wild beauty of SW Alentejo Coast National Park

3. The amazing storks’ nests on the cliffs

4. Typical villages by the sea

5. Stunning Cape Sardão

6. Hiking along the coast

7. Beautiful beaches

8. Tasty Portuguese fresh fish and wines

9. The limpid and clear water of the sea

10. Cosy charming Guest Houses

Technical Data

• Type: Walking / Hiking Tour


• Version: Guided or Self-Guided

• Region of Portugal: Alentejo (coast)

• Duration: 7 days / 6 nights / 5 days walking

• Begin: Porto Covo (Alentejo)

• End: Odeceixe (Algarve)

• Difficulty level (1-5): 1 2 3 4 5

• Exigent (4-6h walking. Low elevation gain)

• Distance: 54km (34mi)

• Aerage: 17km/day (11mi/day)

Sintra - Cascais Heritage & Coast Tour



Hike the best trails on Sintra-Cascais National Park, discovering beautiful coastal and sierra trails. Visit the amazing castles, convents, palaces and churches of Sintra. Hike along an amazing and majestic coast with huge cliffs, dunes and rocky beaches just beyond the mountains of Sintra- Cascais Natural Park.


Spend the night in a recovered convent on a valley sloping down to the sea, full of beauty and tranquility. Explore the typical village of Colares and hike through the exuberant vegetation of Sintra Sierra. Discover Sintra, the beautiful town at the foot of a sierra. We will walk in this amazing scenery going up on the mountain and finding the incredible Moorish Castle dating back to the 8th Century.


We will visit the outstanding Pena Palace finding a wild

fantasy of domes, towers, ramparts and walkways on one

of the highest mountain peaks of Sintra. Or visit Quinta

Regaleira, one of the town’s most enigmatic sights built in a

Romantic revivalist style, mixed with a mythical and esoteric

symbolism. Come and enjoy Sintra walking and Hiking!

Tour Highlights

1. Visit Sintra UNESCO World Heritage

2. The beauty of Sintra-Cascais National Park

3. The beautiful romantic architecture of Pena National Palace

4. Tasty Portuguese fresh fish and wines

5. Visit historic Castles and Palaces

6. Taste Sintra famous “travesseiros”, a special crumbly

almond pastry

7. Amazing “Guincho” beach

8. Hiking along the stunning coast of Sintra-Cascais

9. Lodging in a fantastic Palace (optional)

10. Cape Roca - the westernmost point of Continental Europe

Technical Data

• Type: Walking / Hiking Tour


• Version: Guided or Self-Guided

• Region of Portugal: Lisbon Region

• Duration: 7 days / 6 nights / 4 days walking

• Begin: Cascais (Lisbon Region

• End: Sintra (Lisbon Region)

• Difficulty level (1-5): 1 2 3 4 5

• Exigent (3-5h walking. Medium elevation gain)

• Distance: 34km (21mi)

• Average: 9km/day (6mi/day)

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