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Portuguese Coastal Camino

Starts and ends

Porto to Santiago

Travel periods

All year round (weather permitting)


Travel style


An Unforgettable Pilgrimage!

​​Tour Highlights:

15 days



per person, twin share


Embark on a captivating 15-day journey along the Portuguese Coastal Camino, a spectacular variant of the famous Camino de Santiago pilgrimage route. This immersive adventure takes you through the stunning coastal landscapes of Portugal and Northern Spain, offering a blend of spirituality, culture, and natural beauty.



Upon your arrival at the airport, you’ll be whisked away to your luxurious hotel, where you can unwind and dream of the adventures ahead.

Private Transfer Porto – Matosinhos / Stage 1: Porto (Matosinhos) | Vila do Conde (21 km | 13 mi)

Private Transfer Porto – Matosinhos. Walk along the coastline on wooden boardwalks and pavements that will lead you to a series of wide sandy beaches, nature reserves and fishing villages until you get to the seaside town of Vila do Conde.
Overnight in Arcos (Vila do Conde).

Stage 2: Vila do Conde |  Esposende (25 km | 16 mi)

Your journey starts walking crossing the urban areas between Vila do Conde and the coastal resort town of Povoa de Varzim. Walk alongside the coast between flowers and sand dunes and across beaches then head inland towards Esposende through market gardens, woodland, and villages and a bridge across the wide Cávado estuary.
Overnight in Esposende.

Stage 3: Esposende |  Viana do Castelo (23 km | 15 mi)

At this stage, you´ll leave the coast behind and pass through several villages and some delightful woodlands and rivers. The Eiffel bridge over the River Lima, an attractive town famous for its ancient and contemporary architecture, offers magnificent views over the Lima valley and estuary with views of distant mountain ranges.
Overnight in Viana do Castelo.

Stage 4: Viana do Castelo |  Vila Praia de Âncora (19 km | 12 mi)

Spend this journey mostly inland, through a string of villages with occasional coastal views and rivers. Enjoy the shade of the eucalyptus forest as you make your way uphill before descending to the seaside town of Vila Praia de Âncora.
Overnight in Vila Praia de Âncora.

Stage 5: Vila Praia de Âncora |  A Guarda (14 km | 9 mi)

Follow the coastal path between âncora and Moleda until you get to the charming town of Caminha. If you have time, take a detour through the pine forest beside the beach.  A short, scenic ferry will take you across the River Minho to the peaceful fishing town of A Guarda in Spain.
Overnight in A Guarda.

Stage 6: A Guarda |  Oia (15 km | 10 mi)

Visit in a detour the Santa Tegra Celtic settlement before leaving A Guarda – magnificent views of the coastline. Follow the Way through the town center and along coastal pathways, forest tracks, and tarmac roads until you reach the small but attractive beachfront village of Oia and its 12th-century monastery.
Overnight in Oia.

Stage 7: Oia |  Baiona (18 km | 12 mi)

Start the day with a rural coastal landscape of tiny fields, scattered houses, and a few villages before a change of scenery and terrain as you cut across the mountains towards Baiona. A final descent through the countryside a bring you into the medieval center of Baiona.
Overnight in Baiona.

Stage 8: Baiona |  Vigo (25 km | 16 mi)

As soon as you leave the residential outskirts of Baiona, the terrain becomes ever more rural with villages and patches of woodland.  A stint on a busy road ends with another series of villages before you reach Vigo where you’ll cut through Castrelos Park to avoid walking through the city.
Overnight in Vigo.

Stage 9: Vigo |  Arcade (22 km | 14 mi)

Leave Vigo and follow one long road that connects a string of peaceful hillside villages with views across the city, estuary, and port. After several kilometers, you’ll swap houses for trees and views of floating mussel farms and the Cíes islands before the descent into the town of Redondela. Climb through the woods before heading down to Arcade, a riverside town famous for its oysters.
Overnight in Arcade.

Stage 10: Arcade |  Pontevedra (13 km | 8 mi)

One more beautiful stage starts, leaving Arcade via its iconic bridge. Follow Ancient stone paths lead up through the woods and a scenic detour takes you along the River Tomeza. Explore the historical city center, its atmospheric squares, and tapas bars.
Overnight in Pontevedra.

Stage 11: Pontevedra |  Caldas de Reys (22 km | 14 mi)

Today’s walk to Caldas to Reis takes you through attractive countryside and a section of forest to the riverside spa town of Caldas de Reis. Soothe your feet in one of Caldas de Reis’ thermal springs when you arrive.
Overnight in Caldas de Reys.

Stage 12: Caldas de Reys |  Padrón (19 km | 12 mi)

This stage begins with an easy ascent through a series of small villages and the delightful Valga forest. You’ll see several attractive churches and stone crosses on the way to Padrón, the riverside town where St. James’s body is said to have been laid to rest by his faithful followers.
Overnight in Padron.

Stage 13: Padrón |  Santiago de Compostela (25 km | 16 mi)

The final stage of the Camino is largely through the countryside with a reasonable amount of shade. Only the final few kilometers are in busy urban areas and once you enter the ancient narrow streets of the narrow medieval center of Santiago, the atmosphere changes your approach to the cathedral square. Enter the medieval center of Santiago to make your way to the magnificent cathedral and end your journey.
Overnight in Santiago de Compostela.

After breakfast end of our services / Make your own way or we can arrange a Private Transfer from Santiago to Porto (optional)

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